10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life

10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life

Ways to Move More
Ways to Move More


Just enter the appropriate information: parent who commutes, parent who works night shifts, parent who is an entrepreneur, student, or parent who stays at home to raise children. You’re not the only one who struggles to find time for exercise in your day.Ways to Move More

I have to arrange my exercise time because, as a mother and a physical therapist who runs her own business, it won’t get done otherwise.

I’ve learned over the past 11 years that the “I’ll work it out later” strategy doesn’t work for me. In order to keep sane, maintain my health, and build up my strength, I need to schedule exercise into my day.Ways to Move More


Here’s one more piece of advice: To keep your body active throughout the day and week, try including a few extra activities. Over time, even a few more minutes of activity here and there build up.


Here are 10 simple strategies to increase your daily movement without taking extra time out of your already packed schedule.


10 Ways to Move More in Everyday Life


Take the stairs

Ways to Move More
Ways to Move More


I know. You have probably heard this a gazillion times, and it is so boring. But there’s a reason why it’s one of the best advices.


Choosing the stairs over the elevator raises your heart rate, aids in balance, and strengthens your lower extremities. You can even walk the stairs two at a time or perform heel lifts off the edge of a step if you’re feeling cheeky and have a few minutes.


Your body and heart will appreciate you for not taking the elevator.




Incorporate walking meetings


Schedule a walk for one call every day if you work from home or have switched to virtual conference calls.


Put your headphones on, tuck your phone in your pocket, and take a walk to find solutions to the world’s issues if you don’t need to be staring at a screen or spreadsheets. It’s a wonderful method to change up your everyday schedule.


Bring your one-on-one meetings with you if you work in an office. The team will bond more when you walk together, and you might even come up with better ideas. According to research, walking improves mental clarity and creativity.




Lunge it up


I often receive strange stares for doing this, but hey, I’m a busy lady, and my time is valuable!


Try walking lunges down the supermarket aisles while still hanging onto the cart when you’re out shopping. Depending on how long the aisles in your supermarket are, the cart provides a nice equilibrium point from which you may perform 10 to 20 lunges in one motion. Do it; it’s surprisingly enjoyable!



Sit on an exercise ball


Replace your desk chair with a stability ball. You can do some light mobility stretches for your neck, pelvis, and spine while sitting on the ball, which can help alleviate back discomfort and improve posture.


To activate your core stabilisers, try moving your pelvis like a hula hoop and tucking and untucking it. You can also try seated marches or other exercises on the ball while working at your desk if you want to include some abdominal work.




Park far away


While it’s important to stay cautious and aware of our surroundings, you might want to park further away from the entrance if you’re in a well-lit, secure location. Your daily step total can be increased by adding in a few minutes of walking time here and there.




Have more sex


You’re welcome, of course. According to some older studies, sex burns calories at a rate of roughly 3.1 for women and 4.2 for men each minute (4Trusted Source).


So, even if it’s not the same as a brisk jog, having sex may definitely make you sweat. Have fun, experiment, connect with your partner, and move more all while having fun.



Foster a pet


Volunteers are constantly needed to assist the local adoption agency and shelter. Visit the animal shelter with the family and offer to lead a couple pets on walks.


You get to spend more time outdoors, give back to your neighbourhood and community, instil compassion in your children, and enjoy some quality family time while being physically active. All parties involved benefit from the situation.



Have a dance party


Play some music while the room’s furnishings is cleared away. You can carry out this task while sweeping, folding laundry, or preparing dinner.


A great approach to lose weight and improve balance and coordination is to dance. Additionally, you can include your kids in a game or competition. They should educate themselves on 80s rock, right? Get moving by turning on some ACDC or another song that makes you tap your feet.



Switch up your game night


Replace cards or board games with active games during your next family game night.

This list will help you remember: Musical chairs, hopscotch, jump rope, hula hoop competitions, limbo, kick the can, scavenger hunts, Twister, freeze dance, potato sack races, pin the tail on the donkey, etc. The games you enjoyed playing as a child are still enjoyable today.

These kinds of games can be played indoors or outdoors with players of any age. We all get sweaty and exhausted after playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Freeze Frame Dance Party with my family.




Exercise or stretch during TV time


I realise that this goes against the spirit of “binge and chill,” but bear with me. While watching Netflix, you can go for a walk on the treadmill, ride a stationary bike, stretch on the floor, lift weights to improve your upper and entire body, or perform Pilates.


If you move throughout a 30-minute show while you watch it, that’s 30 minutes of exercise you weren’t getting before! If that seems like a decent place to start, you may even restrict it to when the commercials appear.


Do some bodyweight exercises or even foam rolling as you watch your show by keeping your exercise equipment close to where you binge-watch. Bicep curls, tricep presses, or arm raises performed a few times with light hand weights will significantly improve your arm strength, posture, and general wellbeing.


For women, who have a higher risk of osteoporosis, this is especially true. Add weightlifting to your programme to maintain strong, healthy bones (5Trusted Source).

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