how to attract girls without talking to them – Best Tricks and Tips

how to attract girls without talking to them – Best Tricks and Tips

Finding the ideal first line to use when approaching a female causes many guys difficulty. However, all that pressure to come up with something to say to the girl vanishes if you know how to seduce women without talking. Because you already know the woman is interested, it is much simpler to relax and strike up a discussion. Check out the attraction advice for men below if you want to understand how to attract women without chatting and relieve the pressure associated with meeting to attract girls without talking to them


Get women to notice you through social proof

how to attract girls without talking to them
how to attract girls without talking to them


Social proof is a terrific approach to stand out and attract women’s attention. You are the kind of man women want to be around if you are surrounded by women, especially attractive ones. The other women in the room will be curious as to what it is about these women that draws them to you. Women will naturally be intrigued in you, curious about you, and perhaps even a little jealous that they aren’t invited. (Listen to the Art of Charm podcast with Adam Lyons for more information on how to attract women via social evidence.)how to attract girls without talking to them



Make Eye Contact Whenever You Can

Many women find that making good eye contact is attractive, but you don’t have to stare; you just need to make eye contact. Use your charm to win her over. Before you start a discussion, eye contact is important since it acts as the mind’s equivalent of the tongue. But watch out for creepy staring while maintaining eye contact with her. Keep her in your line of sight, but occasionally avert your stare.



Non-verbal banter with women

Talking teasingly to ladies is a terrific approach to strike up a discussion. However, banter is more than merely employing banter lines. There are non-verbal ways to flirt with women as well that will pique their attention.

A excellent way to start a conversation with a woman, for instance, after making eye contact with her is to simply make amusing expressions at her. Play and have fun; push your tongue out; cross your eyes; or make any other funny expression that comes to mind. It’s a terrific method to get a female to smile, and once she does, it will be simple to approach her and strike up a conversation.


Attractive body language

Your body language alone can reveal a lot about you to women. Make sure your body language is on point if you want to project the kind of confidence that will attract ladies.

Make sure to stand up straight, as if a thread is being pulled up through the crown of your head from the base of your spine, to project the confident body language that women find attractive. Keep your head up, your shoulders back, and a smile on your face.

By refraining from excessive movement and fidgeting, you can further express confidence through your body language. You should always walk with a goal in mind. Controlling your body language makes you appear to be the strong, self-assured man that women desire.


6. Exercise


Girls of all ages seem to gravitate toward physically healthy men in general. Although having fairly toned muscles leaves a striking impression, it’s not necessary to be as muscular as Arnold Schwarzenegger or the “Rock.” Although not everyone is naturally attractive, anyone may develop their body to be in good form. Start now by scheduling an hour of regular exercise. Gaining physical fitness and getting girls go hand in hand. You are not only taking good care of your body, but you also appear more appealing. You impress girls without speaking to them by making an effort.


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