Sleep less than 6 hours, your life is shortened! Research claims, sleep deprivation is a serious risk

Sleep less than 6 hours, your life is shortened! Research claims, sleep deprivation is a serious risk


sleep deprivation
sleep deprivation


Getting less than six hours of sleep can have serious effects on the brain, metabolism and heart. Also our life is also reduced by 12 percent. When will we take these research findings seriously?

The way we live now is clearly having a big impact on how well we sleep. Doctors claim that an increasing proportion of patients are having trouble falling or staying asleep completely. According to researchers, a substantial percentage of adults report sleeping fewer than six hours per night as a result of their busy lifestyles. Physical and mental health are closely tied to sleep. Studies on how inadequate sleep impacts health have been conducted.

Numerous scientific journals have reported his discoveries. According to a study on sleep deprivation, getting six to eight hours of sleep per night is essential for both physical and mental health. The brain, metabolism, and heart can all suffer grave consequences from getting less than six hours of sleep.

Our life is also 12 percent shorter. A deep sleep for six to eight hours is necessary to prevent this.



Effects of insufficient sleep


sleep deprivation
sleep deprivation


The brain cannot stay attentive if there is not enough sleep, let alone restful sleep. Brain activity eventually becomes less vigilant. As a result, mistakes are made at work. or mishaps take place. Poor sleep influences our ability to make decisions. Stress in the mind is increased by inadequate sleep. causes more discomfort. This results in major illnesses like Alzheimer’s and amnesia.



Effects on mental health


Lack of sleep directly affects our mental health. After a full sleep, it helps to generate energy in our brain. But insufficient sleep affects brain function. Due to which there is a fear of many mental diseases.




Memory Loss : 


Lack of sleep can make it difficult to remember and recall things later. Sleep plays a major role in both learning and memory. Without enough sleep it is difficult to concentrate and absorb new information. Our brain doesn’t have enough time to properly store memories due to insufficient sleep so we can’t recall them later.



Weight gain:


People who get less sleep are more prone to weight gain. These individuals consume more food than others due to less sleep. So their body looks thicker than others. People who get 7 hours of sleep usually do not suffer from weight gain. But people who sleep for 4 to 5 hours are more likely to suffer from this problem.




Lack of sleep starts to adversely affect the hormones in the body. Due to this effect there is a high possibility of diabetes. Due to lack of sleep, the amount of insulin in the body starts to decrease. Which can result in diseases like diabetes.

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