Low Calcium Symptoms 

Low Calcium Symptoms 

Low Calcium Symptoms .Chronic calcium deficiency can cause changes in teeth, cataracts, brain changes and osteoporosis, which makes our bones brittle.

Low Calcium Symptoms  Low Calcium Symptoms
Low Calcium Symptoms 

Calcium deficiency does not show early symptoms. These symptoms are mild, and can be life-threatening if left untreated. In this article, we are going to learn about what calcium is and what are the symptoms of calcium deficiency.Low Calcium Symptoms



 What is calcium?

Calcium is the most important mineral in our body. Calcium is essential for the proper functioning of our bones and cardiovascular system, muscles and nerves, and in many other important roles.

Calcium is found naturally in fruits, leafy vegetables and other places. We need vitamin D to increase calcium. Vitamin D comes from fish oil, fortified dairy products, and exposure to sunlight.Low Calcium Symptoms


Calcium Deficiency Symptoms

Calcium is essential for our daily lives, its deficiency can have wide-ranging effects on muscles, bones and teeth as well as mental health.

A low dietary intake of calcium in our daily diet is responsible for calcium depletion, and its symptoms are usually not apparent. As a result the person may develop osteopenia or low bone density in the future. If left untreated, it can lead to osteoporosis or brittle bones.

Calcium deficiency in our daily diet is not the only reason. Calcium deficiency is mainly caused by health problems or treatments, such as kidney failure, gastric bypass, or the use of certain medications that increase urine output.

Below are the symptoms of calcium deficiency in some detail.


1. Muscle Problems

Muscle Problems
Muscle Problems


A person with a calcium deficiency may experience muscle problems such as:

Muscle pain, burning and spasms.

Pain in thighs and arms when walking or moving.

Numbness or tingling around the hands, feet, and mouth.

The above symptoms are not permanent, they will come and go for a few days.


 2. Feeling tired

Feeling tired
Feeling tired


Calcium deficiency can cause chronic fatigue, including a lack of energy and a feeling of lethargy. It can also cause insomnia.Symptoms associated with calcium deficiency can include fatigue, headaches, dizziness and brain fog – symptoms such as lack of concentration, forgetfulness and confusion.


 3. Nail and skin symptoms

Nail and skin symptoms
Nail and skin symptoms


A permanent calcium deficiency can occur when you experience these symptoms:

Dry skin. Dry, broken or brittle nails are seen.

This results in coarse hair.

Alopecia areata causes hair loss in patches.

Eczema, or inflammation of the skin, can cause itchy or dry patches.

Symptoms of Psoriasis.


4. Osteopenia and osteoporosis

Osteopenia and osteoporosis
Osteopenia and osteoporosis


Our bones store calcium well. But they need high levels to stay strong. When total calcium levels are low, the body may turn from some bones, making them brittle and prone to injury.Over time, low calcium can lead to osteopenia, a loss of bone mineral density.This can lead to osteoporosis, which makes bones thinner and more prone to fractures, as well as pain and posture problems.Osteoporosis and other complications of calcium deficiency can take years to develop.


 5. Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Premenstrual Syndrome
Premenstrual Syndrome


Low calcium levels have been linked to severe premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

A 2017 study found that consuming 500 milligrams of calcium per day led to improvement and reduced fluid retention in men. In 2019, Trusted Source, researchers concluded that low levels of vitamin D and calcium during the second half of the menstrual cycle contribute to PMS symptoms. can give The team proposed that dietary supplements may help relieve these symptoms.


 6. Dental problems

Dental problems
Dental problems


When the body lacks calcium, it pulls it from sources like the teeth. This can cause dental problems, including if you-

tooth decay

Brittle teeth

An incision in the gums

Weak tooth roots.

These symptoms are observed.


 7. Depression



While some reliable sources of evidence suggest that calcium deficiency may be associated with mood disorders, including depression, further research is needed to confirm this.

Anyone who suspects that calcium deficiency is contributing to depression symptoms should consult a doctor. After checking a person’s calcium levels, a doctor may recommend calcium supplements.


Home remedies and diet to increase calcium in the body :-

If you do not want to face the above problems or its unbearable pain, then it is necessary to consume calcium rich foods. Now many people may have this question, what exactly are calcium rich foods? Let’s see then!


 Increase calcium in the body by drinking milk:-

We have often heard that drinking milk helps us increase calcium in our body. According to Ayurveda, milk is an effective and very good alternative to increase calcium in the body. If we drink a little milk every day, it will be effective in increasing calcium in our body.


 Try eating curd for calcium in the body:-

If you want to increase the amount of calcium in your body, consume yogurt. Yogurt is high in calcium. Yogurt is a great option to keep your body away from various diseases caused by calcium deficiency.


 Use pulses :-

As pulses contain various proteins, fibers, iron as well as magnesium, pulses will help to increase the amount of calcium in your body. If you consume whole grains every morning, it will help increase the amount of calcium in your body.


Include leafy vegetables :-

If you want to stay away from various diseases caused by lack of calcium in the body, then include green and fresh leafy vegetables in your diet. Eating green leafy vegetables can have many benefits. One of the most important benefits is calcium. The calcium present in leafy vegetables is perfect for increasing calcium in your body. So make sure to include leafy vegetables in your diet.

Try the remedies we mentioned at home and you will definitely see the difference. So we saw today how to increase calcium in the body? At the same time, what are its home and effective remedies? You can also consult a doctor. If you have any problem or need any advice, comment and share this information to as many people as possible.


Low Calcium Symptoms


Disclaimer: Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, please consult your doctor.

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