Cheilosis/cheilitis: What Is It, Causes & Treatment

What are cheilitis and cheilosis?

Cheilosis or cheilitis refers to red, swollen spots on the outside corner of the lips.

Cheilosis, also called angular cheilitis is an inflammatory illness that causes the mouth’s corners to crack, crust over, and scale.

Everyone wants their lips to be soft and pink, but if there are redness and swelling patches in the corners of the lips, it is important to seek medical attention. It can be angular cheilitis or cheilosis.

Either one or both sides of the mouth may be affected. It is an inflammatory condition that either resolves on its own after a few days or develops into a chronic issue. This problem can happen to people of any age including newborns.

Today, we will gain in-depth information about cheilosis in this article:

Cheilitis/cheilosis signs and symptoms

Cheilitis/cheilosis signs and symptoms

Cheilitis signs and symptoms can be seen in the mouth corner. Its symptoms might be uncomfortable and range in appearance from mild red to open sores that are bleeding. When cheilosis is present, the mouth’s corners can have the following variations:

  • Blood might spill.
  • perhaps red.
  • Swelling might be present.
  • is crackable.
  • Wounds can develop.
  • rough at times.
  • There may be itching.
  • The skin could separate.
  • There could be discomfort.
  • There can be a nasty taste in your mouth.
  • The mouth or lips could burn.
  • Lips could become dry and crack.
  • Eating could be challenging.

The underlying cause of cheilitis

Cheilitis/cheilosis signs

One of the various causes of cheilosis is a frequent yeast infection that is brought on by saliva. Saliva can cause chapped lips when it becomes trapped in the corners of the lips after it has been generated. To ease lip pain or dryness, a person may lick their lips excessively.

Because this extra saliva has a tendency to adhere to the corners of the lips, it creates the ideal heated habitat for yeast-like fungus to flourish. They might also be brought on by germs and viruses. Come, tell us more about the specific causes of cheilosis.

These patients are at a higher risk of developing cheilitis or cheilosis :

  • The corner of the top lip has a deep angle because the upper lip hangs high.
  • those who consistently get mouth blisters
  • Use antibiotics or corticosteroids frequently.
  • Skin is delicate.
  • Other inflammatory conditions exist, including Crohn’s disease. The drugs are retinoid oral preparations.
  • Put on braces.
  • smoke
  • have conditions including cancer, diabetes, or anaemia.
  • mineral, zinc, or vitamin B9, B6, or B2 deficiencies.
  • Sjogren’s disease

Cheilitis/Cheilosis diagnosis

Cheilosis is an indication of a bacterial or fungal illness. It is required to visit a doctor for its therapy. It can be checked using the following procedure.

The doctor might check the skin and inquire as to if there is any other body irritation.

A doctor might inquire about one’s own and one’s family’s history of persistent yeast infections and mouth ulcers.

A lip corner swab may also be taken by the clinician for laboratory analysis. It might provide further details regarding cheilosis.

Treatment for cheilitis/cheilosis

Only the source of the Cheilosis can reveal the remedy. The doctor could suggest dietary supplements or other dietary supplements if they believe the patient is nutritionally deficient. If yeast is present, a topical antifungal may be recommended by the doctor. Topical refers to the use of medication on the skin. Topical antibiotics could be advised if the disease is caused by a bacterial infection. Tell us more about the Cheilosis treatment in detail.

keeping open wounds clean with topical antiseptic sterile topical steroid cream
injections of filler to lessen wrinkles around the mouth’s corners.
For dry mouth, sip on water or chew on hard candy.

Some of the natural cures for cheilitis and cheilosis include: 

Regular use of lip balm to avoid dry lips
Saliva production may be inhibited by applying petroleum jelly or coconut oil to the mouth’s corners.

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